StandardVision to Program LED Monument for OUE’s US Bank Tower in DTLA



StandardVision to Program LED Monument for OUE’s US Bank Tower in DTLA

Street view of the digital monument at OUE's US Bank Tower

StandardVision, LLC


LOS ANGELES, June 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StandardVision, LLC (“StandardVision”), a leading operator of experiential and architecturally-integrated LED digital media solutions, announced today it has been selected to program the massive LED display in the lobby of OUE Ltd’s US Bank Tower located in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). 

Extending almost half the length of a football field and housed in a glass atrium, the digital monument not only dominates the lobby, but can also be viewed from nearby streets. Its content delivery system uses artificial intelligence to change the flow of music and visuals to mimic the movement of pedestrian traffic within the lobby.

As part of the agreement, StandardVision will curate digital programming with visual and conceptual interpretations covering a wide range of themes. The launch will feature a water motif—employing techniques of scale and abstraction, it will elegantly transform the lobby by bringing nature into the urban environment.

Los Angeles-based StandardVision will draw heavily on its local creative partnerships along with its existing content library in curating the programming. StandardVision’s digital collection is carefully selected and specifically created for architectural use, and spans all aesthetics of digital content while offering a wide variety of subjects and genres.

“We are thrilled to partner with OUE Ltd to help revitalize the main lobby of the iconic US Bank Tower,” said Adrian Velicescu, StandardVision’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer. “We look forward to maximizing the capabilities of this incredible display and also providing a new avenue for local content partners.”

The US Bank Tower, a Class A office tower, is located at the foot of DTLA’s Bunker Hill.  Rising to 1,018 feet, with 72 floors of office accommodation, the building’s lobby has recently undergone extensive upgrades. These include the installation of one of the largest digital displays for any office building in the country, measuring 126 feet long and 17 feet tall, and with a pixel resolution of 8,500 x 1,440, or more than 12.2 million pixels.

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